CarbonScape Technology

CarbonScape’s technology is a proprietary process developed 100% in New Zealand. It is based on a high speed, two-step chemical synthesis that uses microwave and hydrothermal energy. Once activated, the biomass pre-treatment process is exothermic, reducing the energy required to complete the reaction.

The technology converts waste biomass into activated carbon in less than 15 minutes and high purity graphite in 30 minutes. The process is high yield, low cost, scalable and customizable. The technology is compatible with multiple sustainable wet feed-stocks, such as sawdust, timber waste and coconut shells.

Below are some photos of our team at work in the pilot plant which has a nameplate capacity of up to 450 tonnes per annum. Click on images to enlarge.

Technology Platform

A summary of CarbonScape’s technology portfolio that is being developed and commercialized is set out below.

Current priorities comprise graphite, activated carbon, biochar and green coke.

Why Microwave Technology?

Microwave heating is inherently more energy efficient than conventional heating methods, making it ideal for transforming carbon at an industrial scale. Here are the reasons why:

  • Microwaves heat inside and out (rather than from the outside in).
  • Microwaves allow the precise delivery of power.
  • Microwaves can target specific components in biomass, reducing processing time and energy costs.
  • Microwaves can accelerate chemical reactions to promote the formation of selected products.

CarbonScape has pioneered the use of microwave energy combined with hydrothermal processing to extract a wide range of high-value, sustainable products from any carbonaceous biomass. These products include graphite, activated carbon, biochar, green coke and fine chemicals.


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