Green Impact

Ancient fossil carbons are plundered for fuels, adding to carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and climate change. Industrial demand for sustainable resources is increasing exponentially and there is an urgent need for global carbon efficiency. CarbonScape was formed by investors who are passionate about reducing the impact of climate change. CarbonScape has built a business that adds maximum value to waste biomass such as sawdust, wood waste and coconut shells, leaving ancient carbon in the ground.

CarbonScape’s technology is environmentally friendly with low emissions. It produces a range of high value carbon products that are renewable alternatives to fossil-derivatives e.g. graphite, activated carbon, biochar and green coke.

Its by-products include a range of fine chemicals such as oils, acids, aldehydes and ketones which may be separated and extracted. These bio-extracts comprise up to 10% of the dry weight of biomass and include: acetone, furfural, acetone, levulinic acid, terpenes, guaiacol, acetic acid and methanol. There is a growing demand for biomass-derived chemicals such as these.

The microwave hydrothermal biomass pre-treatment reaction accepts feedstocks high in moisture content without the need for pre-drying, thus saving energy and time.

The CarbonScape process recycles water, heat and gases. It also produces syngas that may be converted to electricity and used to power the microwave and help create energy self-sufficiency.

The biomass pre-treatment reaction, once activated, is highly exothermic. This significantly reduces the energy required to keep the reaction at steady state. Furthermore, the microwave heating is inherently more precise, tuneable and energy efficient than conventional methods for industrial materials processing.

Environmental Benefits of the CarbonScape Process

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