Graphite is a non-metallic mineral and the most stable form of carbon. It is chemically inert, corrosion resistant with a high melting point (3650 °C). It is a good conductor of electricity.

Graphite has a high natural lubricity that reduces wear and tear and is one of the lightest reinforcing agents. CarbonScape has developed a rapid, ecologically friendly high purity graphite production process using sustainable waste biomass such as sawdust.

High purity graphite is used in:

  • Electric Arc Furnace (EAF) electrodes
  • Batteries (Alkaline, Lithium-ion, Vanadium-Redox Flow)
  • Powder metallurgy
  • Fuel cells
  • Nuclear pebble bed reactors and
  • Industrial lubricants.

Graphite is a “critical strategic mineral” in the USA and Europe. Global demand for graphite is growing at CAGR 5.8% p.a. to reach 4.2 million tonnes worth USD 30 billion by 2018. High purity graphite (>99.9% Carbon) that sells for up to USD40,000 per tonne accounts for 60% of this.

Facets of Graphite - June 2017


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