Biochar is an inert, fine-grained, highly porous carbon-rich form of charcoal. It is typically produced from thermal decomposition of organic feedstocks by slow pyrolysis. CarbonScape has developed a rapid biochar production process using sustainable waste biomass such as sawdust.

Biochar is used in land remediation, agriculture, horticulture and floriculture. It is also used as an animal feed additive, a filtration medium and in supercapacitors.

Proven benefits of biochar include retention of soil nutrients and enhanced soil fertility, increased agricultural productivity, improved water holding capacity and protection against foliar and soil-borne disease.

The global biochar market is expected to grow from USD 229m in 2013 to USD 572m in 2020 at a CAGR of 14.8%. Global biochar production is expected to surge from 100 kilotons to 300 kilotons at a CAGR of 20.1% during this period.

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